Cutting a cigar

Hand rolled cigars have caps which are attached to the head of the cigar to prevent them from unraveling and possibly drying out. Due to the latter reason, one should not cut a cigar until they are ready to smoke it. For the cutting itself, most cigar smokers would recommend using a guillotine style cutter. They are simple to use and make the cleanest cuts. Simply insert the head of the cigar into the guillotine and cut, leaving about a 1/8 of an inch of the cap. Cutting the cigar above the cap will lead to the wrapper unraveling and ultimately ruining the smoking experience.

cutter Naturally, the most basic way to cut a cigar is with your teeth. Please consider this as a last resort, especially when smoking expensive, high end cigars. You would be better served by using a sharp knife as a cutter, rather than your teeth.

Lighting a Cigar

When lighting a cigar, it is best to use either a butane lighter or a wooden match. When using a match, make sure to allow the sulfur to burn away so that it does not corrupt the taste of the cigar. Candles are also NOT recommended for the same reasons. The wax particles will taint its flavor. Lighting a cigar takes time, and should be done with patience. Hold the cigar in your hand and rotate it near the flame. Make sure as to not actually touch the cigar with the flame. When the complete surface of the cigar is charred, place the cigar between your lips, hold the flame about a half inch from the end and start drawing in slowly while still rotating. Make sure that an even burn has taken effect and gently blow on the end to ensure that it is fully lit.

Smoking a Cigar

smokingIf the cigar is properly lit, you should be able to easily draw smoke through it. Make sure not to suck or inhale the cigar, simply draw in the smoke by pulling in your cheeks. Take your time and enjoy the experience, it is not to be rushed or forced. Smoke for as long as it is enjoyable for you. Then, simply lay the cigar down in an ashbin where it will go out on its own. Never grind or stub out a cigar, for it will only create excess smoke and foul odors.

A good cigar is one of the finer things in life, and therefore should be enjoyed in a relaxed slow manner. Enjoy!